The Ramah Tamah Aidilfitri was held on 30 August to enhance the spirit of ‘sillaturahimm’ among all members and staffs in our facilities.

As a show of patriotism a symbolic ceremony of handing the State and Jalur Gemilang was held on this day by Executive Chairman Ybhg Datuk Aidin Wing to the club Hornbill.

Ybhg Datuk Aidin Wing showing the way.


Ybhg Datuk Aidin Wing pose with Peryatim for a photoshoot session


Ybhg Datuk Aidin Wing, assisted by HRD Pn Juiata giving ‘duit raya’ to the invited guess.


A show of patriostism with President and Vice President waving the state and Jalur Gemilang Flag


Datuk Paul, gets a little helping hand from our guest singer Claudia (AF) in entertaining the guess.

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